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 Poker Tips: Looking for patterns of your opponents in NL Hold’em

What you have to notice on your opponent are the extra ordinary things that he may be doing. Does that particular poker player make small or big raises, or maybe played some cards which should have been folded, or reveal cards which are quite unexpected.

Know the normal and it is easy to pick up the extra ordinary things an opponent does. Here is a short list of things that you want to learn about a poker player’s betting patterns:

Preflop raises

It is not that often that you get very good starting cards. You will notice players raise when they get a favorable hand, you might want to observe how often they do this and if they are going a bit more than usual. You also want to take note how he raises from different positions on the table. If you have an opponent who is a bit tight when on the early position, and then raises during late positions, then most likely you have someone who knows how to play.

Big hands

Experienced poker players vary their management of big hands. Some will bet when he gets hold of an excellent hand while some players will just check. You have to remember that you need to vary your game. Checking every time you hit is a very easy pattern to recognize and other players can make you pay badly when they recognize your playing pattern.


You need to see how much a poker player tends to bluff when he misses a draw. Again bluffing is another side of your game that you need to vary or you might be made to pay by your more experienced opponents.


When playing in a no limit hold’em, you need to gauge the aggressiveness of the player especially during tournaments. Is limping a sign of weakness? Yes and no. You can limp in but still show some might on the poker table so other players will not try to steal from you. When other players respect your limp, you will more get more chances at the pot without spending so much.

 Avoiding the Tilt

When playing poker it is important to avoid the tilt. So what is tilt? Well, in poker terms, the word “tilt” means that you become aggravated and you abandon how you are playing the game. It may mean that you begin to play more aggressively or simply start folding on hands that you would otherwise have considered good. FoldingBasically you lose that ounce of ability you had to play poker good. Does this happen often? You can bet, many people refer to it as a tempter tantrum and have seen it happy in not only live games, but online games as well.

So how can you tell when someone is tilting? While you are playing does the person immediately dump everything they own into the pot? If so, this is good sign that they are trying to make up for losses or ‘catch up’. Many of these people will blow everything in one hand just because they are letting their emotions get the best of them, and true the nature of the temper tantrum they are acting against the stroke of luck that they are having. Sooner or later, everyone who plays poker will experience a tilt. It may not be as extravagant as blowing your entire lives savings on a hand that a ten year old would no better than to bet on, but more than likely you will find yourself letting your emotions get the best of you.

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 Sexy Maya Antonius

The ever so sexy Maya Geller looking gorgeous in her WSOP interview with Pokernews. Who doesn’t want to know what the last longer bet between Maya and Patrik Antonius is all about? I mean, kinky: for sure. Does it include buttstuff? MOST LIKELY!!1

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 History of poker

1990 Brass Elephant ChipHistorically poker is a card sport that is based on betting rules and closely resembles the Persian game of Asnas , although there is no specific evidence as such that can corroborate such views. For the purists poker dates back ten centuries and is a ame that is a combination of various other card games using the rules of card rankings and it uses the decoy or plot to be one up on your game opponent by trying to play the bluff.

In a sense it is a deep thinking game where one has to think not one, maybe more steps ahead of one’s opponents by anticipating their moves and playing the unexpected. One set of poker historians believe that the poker game was in vest ion of the Chinese way back in the late half of the ninth century under the tutelage of Chinese emperor Mustang. The emperor used to play domino cards on New Years Eve with his beloved wife.

Later, sometime in the 12and 13th century used same form of the game poker in playing card-the rudimentary versions of perhaps poker.

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 Dwan into a $5kRB event for 100K

That’s 19 re-buys. He’s convinced he has a big edge though, and knowing Tom Dwan‘s game – he probably HAS. Still, having to place in the top-5 or so to actually come out on top is NOT easy.

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 Chan & Seidel in Rounders

Johnny “FUCKING” Chan beating Erik Seidel – from the awesome video Rounders. “BLUFF AT IT?”


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 Adam Ehrlich is irritating

Just had to sit through 30 minutes of Adam Ehrlich on NBC’s Face The Ace, and have issues not vomiting now. Here’s why he’s an irritating little wannabe:

  1. The man tries to be a “tv-personality”, with no personality
  2. He puts the chips in like he’s a seasoned pro, yet plays absolute idiotic poker.
  3. He interviews Chris Ferguson like he’s a freaking talkshow host.
  4. He stares down the pros, yet does it like he has a spare chromosome.
  5. He’s overweight and tries to mask it with a shirt that doesn’t fit and not showing his elephant-like pants.

It’s good to get hit by the deck, but it’s even more awesome to overestimate yourself and probably go home loser for the trip to Las Vegas, donking off cash in the Vegas poker rooms.

He tried to go on The Apprentice too:

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[edit] LOL, he created his own fan-site:

(Oh and Adam, if you’re reading this: you might be a nice guy – but I just don’t like you :p)

 Traps in which beginners get caught while playing poker

Poker is an incredible game which requires the right move at the right movement. Learning to play poker can be a daunting task. Beginners would have to master all the rules and they should also learn the killer tips and tricks to win pots.

Before playing the game of poker in a casino or online you should be very confident about the rules of the game or you may be in for a rude shock. Beginners generally find themselveshomegame poker in tricky situations and they are clueless about the course of action. Most of the times they end up making a complete fool of them by making the wrong moves and their seasoned opponents take undue advantage of this.

This article should be able to help the beginners by making them aware of the various traps that they should avoid during the course of the game.

Beginners should avoid playing too many hands before the flops. This is one of the most common mistakes committed by beginners universally. They generally play too many hands before the flop on the poker table. Beginners should be aware of the fact that they should have premium cards to play before the pre-flop. You should play only 20-25% of the hands in total and the rest should be folded which carve out a picture that you do not indulge in reckless playing.

Beginners are too immature when they play too many hands pre-flop but also stretch the game too far which may result in losing a lot of money. Beginners carelessly resort to forming any pair. Only if you have the best pair should you go ahead and play your game.

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 durrrr turns $8,000 into $50,000 in 8 minutes

Obviously this isn’t pure skill. Tom Dwan turns $8k into $50k in 8 minutes. He runs well, hits hands, makes a flush against David Benyamine and has Chufty stacking off for free against him. It is amazing to see the ease in which durrr puts in the chips…

Full Tilt equals Action.

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 Allen Cunningham > Jamie Gold

No joke. Allen Cunningham is so much better than Jamie “LetsGetLuckeh” Gold. Excellent hand from the ’06 World Series of Poker.

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